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Xtreme Foot Detox Pads - XtremeDeals4U
Xtreme Foot Detox Pads - XtremeDeals4U

Xtreme Foot Detox Pads

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Detox Foot Pads are a safe, natural way to detox your body, worn on your feet to cleanse and purify while you sleep.

Using 100% natural ingredients, including bamboo vinegar powder, a highly absorbent natural material, Detox Foot Pads draw toxins from your body out through the soles in your feet.

Over the 5 day detox period, the patches will become lighter as the level of toxins withdrawn becomes reduced. Many people report increased energy, vitality and an improved sense of well being.

Continue using the foot patches until they become clear – repeat this process every few months if necessary.



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Customer Reviews

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Xtreme Foot Detox Pads


receive early in good condition


Super! Work, not believe, but was hoping for help. It was very painful to step on the heel in the morning and hurt all day long. Pasted on the night and voila! Have 5 days пархаю. Recommend! Will be ordering more. A long time.


To Chelyab region reached 30 days, before taking the patches with foil side from other seller, now try these, a little more expensive. Patches not glue, from them then Sticky Feet, take my usual building tape and glue on it, but just don't wrap around your feet!!! The 5 cm took over the edge patch and torn. Put on top of toe to not came unstuck and sleep, and patches always has room to accommodate then. With am something sticky and black, with фотлированными patches was less black but sleep seemed calm, the morning get up no problem after 4-5 hours sleep, or even less, and these are no such effect, but there are some, is still not understood exactly. Product recommend!, grade 5 *****


they stick good. the picture is result after using them for the first time. I slept with them for 7 hours and then I removed them